Here's some assorted information I've collected owning several Palms from my original Sony SJ22, then a Palm Treo 650, and now a Palm Treo 680.

Treo Information

#palm on EFNet

Visit #palm on EFNet irc network.  We're not active 24 hours a day, but there's usually going to be someone who can help around if you ask a question and stick around a bit.

You can find stats on our #palm channel here and an alternate here. 

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Reverse DUN Networking

Check out my guide to using Fedora with the Treo 650 to set up Bluetooth Reverse DUN (use the intnet connection routed through the Fedora box on the Treo).
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Visit Treocentral forums

If you want anything related to the Palm Treo, the Discussion forums are the best place to search for answers or ask any questions.

Please remember to search before posting for stuff, it's very likely your question has already been asked. 

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