Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

LED Flashlight Comparison

For my curiousity, and maybe for others, I've posted some pictures comparing a few inexpensive LED flashlights.  Please note these flashlights are now very old, but I still see hits on it every so often.
(Last Modified 9/1/2008 15:00)

Figlet fonts samples

Figlet fonts are kinda fun to play with, here's some sample output.
(Last Modified 9/1/2008 14:59)

Walking Man

To honor Walking Man, a little hacks on the Amiga, here is my Walking Man XPenguins theme.
(Last Modified 9/1/2008 14:57)


I've switched to Cacti for most of my monitoring scripts for servers, weather, services, etc..  I've also (long ago now!) converted my weather over which gives me nicer graphs with finger detail.  If you want to see what the weather is like here in central Kentucky, here is the link to my Weather Page.

(Last Modified 9/1/2008 14:56)

pscal PostScript calendar

Check out pscal, a script that outputs a PostScript calender. I've modified it and written a form front-end for it, try it here.
(Last Modified 9/1/2008 14:47)

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