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Necessary Evil is now part of the Necessary Evil network of OpenNap servers. Use Napigator or whatever else will let you chose which Napster server to connect to, and try out port 7000 or any of the other Necessary Evil servers listed in the servers list! You can also check out some graphical statistics on our servers for users, files, and library size.
(Last Modified 9/4/2008 20:33)

Teknap Scripts

I've put up a few of my little teknap scripts for people to try.
(Last Modified 9/1/2008 15:03)

OpenNap-NG 0.50 almost ready!

We've put a lot of work into OpenNap-NG 0.50 and it's nearly ready.  The SVN version on is really ready to go, it's just basically packaging it up.

(Last Modified 12/4/2006 19:00)

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