Geocaching is a wonderful sport where you take a GPS Unit and go find something that someone else has hidden.  These are called "caches" and are listed on and on some other smaller sites.  Hides can be from a watch-battery sized bugger stuck somewhere very urban to a ammo box in the woods, or anywhere in between.  Registered users can post into my Geocaching forum if you desire.

Columbus V900 battery replacement

I've had my Columbus V900 for about three years, and for the last year the battery life has been dropping, and a few months ago I found it was only running for 10-15 minutes by itself, so I had been running it plugged into a small portable charger while cycling etc to have its track logger.  But I started looking around to replace the battery, and while I saw a few such questions on line, I didn't find anything..  I looked into cellphone batteries and found a few that might be close, but I hit the jackpot and found the exact right battery on Sparkfun. - Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAH - PRT-00339

Same exact battery, wired, has a connector on it but I don't think there's room, so I carefully clipped, soldered, secured the connections, arranged the wires, and my V900 is working great again!

I didn't take any pictures of the process, but if you know how to solder you shouldn't have any problems.  Take out the tiny philips screws on the end, lift up the metal back cover, push the black top section away from the silver back on the button side (there are two small tabs here that the silver back slides into).  Just look at it carefully and you'll see.  There are some snaps on the sides too, but my battery had popped those open (!) so I didn't have to deal with those, but I suspect you just need to carefully pry at them with a soft tool like a guitar pick or such.

Once it's open, I desoldered the wires from the existing battery to keep as much length on them as possible, plus I didn't have to trim them up etc, prepare the new battery taking great care not to short the connections, use something sturdy like heat shrink tubing with some small amount of electrical tape (I find the tiny shrink tubing can move as it doesn't shrink much) and then carefully align things and close up after you make sure the button is in place.  It falls out easily.

So the battery is in good shape..  I still have problems with my button sticking sometimes, not sure if it's wearing down or what..  I probably should have attempted to make it more secure while I had it open, but I left it for now.

I treated the first battery horribly by leaving it in the hot car all summer while plugged in, LiIon does not like being at 100% charge when HOT, so lasting three years was actually surprising to me.  I plan on treating the replacement battery better.

Hope this helps someone.

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Automation of Pocket Queries

The main interest here right now is my set of scripts to which allow you to Automate Pocket Query data allowing you to have the latest data on hand for your favorite Palm device.

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