Welcome to theblackmoor.net.   Here you'll find assorted information on my network, Linux, Palm Treo, etc.  Explore the pages on the right navigational area, and feel free to comment in the Discussion area.

I had to disable anonymous registration for a while, seems a registration bug caused my site to stop working until a failed registration timed out..  I've enabled anonymous registration again, hopefully the bug has been fixed!

Someone has pointed out that I have neglected to put contact information on this site, so I've put up a page which has some contact info and other misc information about me on my Contact Page.


Unlimited Photo has had a long overdue facelift.  I'm still actively working on the site, but everything is operational including price estimates, photo gallery, etc.  More to come on the site, hopefully including the addition of the sale of fine art prints very soon!  I've replaced the pain in the arse PostNuke with a very flexible and extensible CMS called CMS Made Simple.  So far I'm very happy with CMSMS, and if I get a clue about CSS, site design, and graphic design, it might even look really nice sometime too!

A power outage and an apparently flaky UPS caused my main server reboot.  It was 12 days shy of being up four years, or just under 1450 days.  It was a good run.   Turns out most likely my UPS battery was dead.  The UPS battery has since been replaced, but I should have done it a few weeks earlier.  Ah well.

I've added a section for my new Lenovo 3000 V100 laptop in the Linux section.  It contains all the information I've gathered, configuration changes, scripts, tweaks etc.  Hope it's useful for some folks.  This laptop is very similar to a lot of the Core 2 Duo Intel 950 laptops out there, so the tips in there could apply to a lot of laptops.

Also related, I've added a section on how to give Firefox a persistent ram disk cache

theblackmoor.net website has been redesigned using WebGUI CMS.  The old site can be viewed here.  I am still in the process of migrating some information from the old site.

Added my automated Pocket Query scripts and documentation to my Geocaching section within Interests

There's also some assorted Linux-related tools/scripts in the Linux section that might be useful to some folks.

My selected photo album and favorite works can be viewed at http://gallery.unlimitedphoto.com 

Be sure to check out my full photo album of pictures taken with my Canon 300D dSLR, Sony F707 and Olympus 450Z digital cameras. I'm using a program called IDS to dynamically create my photo album.  Keep in mind, many of these pictures are unedited, some are duplicates from experimentation, some are just plan out of focus or other such garbage. I could edit these pictures out, but that increases the workload of getting my photos 'exposed'..

Do you want to know who I am? I am myself.  See my Contact Page for more info.

If you use DSL in the Central Kentucky area and you're not using QX, you should reconsider. Call them.

Old News

DSL Upgraded to 3000/384

Okay, can I say it again? Alltel sucks, but less than they used to! They upgraded all the lines back to 1536/384! So it took them a little over two years to return the level of service where Verizon left it, but at least it's back!

Update; DSL is now at 3000/384 as of around 6/2005.

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